Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report

Understand how much a property is really worth

About this Report:

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a vital tool for both buyers and sellers helping you understand more about an individual property and the market it is being sold in. The Residex CMA gives you insights into the different indicators that contribute to the value of a property.

 For buyers, this report helps you understand the value of your target property, and potential price points that will be attractive to the seller.

For those thinking of selling, purchasing a CMA is a good tool to help you sanity check the information being given to you by your agent and ensure your expectations for your property sale price are within the realms of the market.

For investors, our CMAs also include rental estimates to help you understand what the property is likely to rent for and ensure your revenue predictions are made upon an accurate basis.

What do I receive?

 Each report contains:

  • A Price Estimate and Confidence scale
  • A Rental Estimate
  • Supporting test information
  • The predicted growth of the suburb where the property is located over the next 5 and 8 years
  • Sales history for the property (if available)
  • Indexed sale price for the property (if available)
  • Suburb median value
  • Suburb median rent
  • Range of values in the street
  • Comparable sales with indexed sale prices
  • Suburb capital growth and median value
  • Suburb's demographics

Want access to multiple CMAs?

If you wish to purchase multiple CMAs, you may be better off with a Residex database subscription. This will allow you to produce multiple CMAs every month, plus provides you with a host of tools to understand suburbs, streets and property details. 

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