Perceptions of Housing Affordability Report 

May 2017

Data driven insights into the Housing Affordability challenge

The CoreLogic Perceptions of Housing Affordability Report has created quantifiable data that measures the concerns of Australians about housing affordability and their dreams of property ownership across the demographics of generation, income, family status and by state. It reveals the degrees to which the great Australian dream is becoming an insurmountable challenge and provides sentiment about the impediments and solutions for housing affordability. 

About this Report:

The CoreLogic Perceptions of Housing Affordability Report is a one off report with 60 pages. It provides headline data for housing affordability nationally, by state and by demographics and is rich in commentary. It also includes insights into investors, couples versus singles, how affordability is affecting listings and Australia’s affordability compared internationally.

Who should use this Report:

This report is essential reading for economists, policy advisers, government planners, property market followers, media, bankers, real estate agents or anyone wanting to better understand the key sentiments of Australians towards housing affordability. 

What do I receive? 

The report contains

  • National overview and key insights
     - Housing affordability tables
     - How housing affordability is measured
  • State attitudes to housing affordability
       - The investor landscape
  • Generational attitudes towards housing affordability
       - How housing affordability issues affect listings
  • Families, children and housing affordability
       - When will the kids leave home
  • Housing affordability, wages and employment 
       - Why having a mortgage is a team sport
       - Apartment ownership
  • How to fix housing affordability
  • How Australia compares internationally
  • Conclusions

Delivery of your Report:

Reports can be delivered via email free of charge. The report size is up to 4MB so please ensure you can receive a file this size before placing your order. 

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