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February 2016 Edition Reports Now Available

Data to the quarter ending January 2016

About this Report:

Available for different areas of Australia, Residex Predictions Reports have proven results and cannot be passed up if capital growth is your investment objective. Using statistical techniques, Residex identifies the areas that are likely to become "hot spots” over the next 5 to 8 years.

Who should use this Report:

This Report is suitable for anyone looking to invest in property for capital growth. Finding suburbs that offer quality capital growth is very difficult in our unaffordable housing markets, so Residex has made it easier for you.

What do I receive?

For each suburb in the Report, we provide:
  • Predicted annual growth over the next 5 years and 8 years;
  • Average annual capital growth over the last 3 and average over the last 10 years;
  • Number of sales in the quarter; 
  • Current median value, current median weekly rent and rental yield; and
  • An overview of the relevant capital city market, including:
    • Current median values (houses and units);
    • Average annual capital growth over the last 10 years (houses and units);
    • Average annual rental yield over the last 10 years (houses and units);
    • A prediction chart showing the shape of future growth in the capital city; and
    • Predicted annual growth for the next 5 and 8 years.

Currently Available:

  • Top Predictions Report - Sydney and Regional NSW 
    • Top 100 Suburbs (96 Houses and 4 Units)
  • Top Predictions Report - Brisbane and QLD Metro
    • Top 106 Suburbs (101 Houses and 5 Units)
  • Top Predictions Report - Perth and Regional WA
    • Top 100 Suburbs (88 Houses and 12 Units)
  • Top Predictions Report - Country East Coast 
    • Top 96 Suburbs (ACT 20 Houses and 4 Units, NSW 23 Houses and 4 Units, QLD 20 Houses and 8 Units, VIC 17 Houses)

Buy Now - $215 

  • Top Predictions Report - Melbourne and Regional VIC
    • Top 61 Suburbs (55 Houses and 6 Units)
  • Budget Suburbs Predictions Report - Brisbane and Regional QLD
    • Top 57 Suburbs (44 Houses and 13 Units)
  • Budget Suburbs Predictions Report - Regional NSW
    • Top 60 Suburbs (57 Houses and 3 Units)

*The Budget Suburbs Predictions Report only includes suburbs with median values less than $500,000.

    • Budget Suburbs Predictions Report - Australia-Wide 
      • Top 104 Suburbs (NSW 25 Houses, ACT 9 Houses and 1 Units, QLD 30 Houses, SA 5 Houses, VIC 12 Houses and 3 Units, WA 10 Houses, TAS 8 Houses and 1 Units)

    *Please note, there are no suburbs from the Northern Territory that met the selection criteria for this quarter's report.

    *The Budget Suburbs Predictions Report  only includes suburbs with median values less than $500,000.

    Buy Now - $250 

    Special Instructions

    Each report is an in-depth easy-to-read analysis with explanations on how our prediction model works and how to use it to its full potential to maximise your returns.

    To order a particular report click the buy link above and select the particular report you would like to receive on the following screen.

    *The Budget Suburbs Predictions Report contains the top suburbs with median values less than $500,000 that we predict are statistically the most likely to perform the best over the next 8 years.



    "This report is fantastic as a base to help me choose a good investment area ….an absolute core to making my decisions easier and taking the leg work out of them."
    -Colin Morrow, Toowong QLD

    Residex Property Predictions cover all of Australia: Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth Darwin Canberra Hobart

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