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Residex is 100% owned by CoreLogic.

ABN: 53 003 000 119

Office: Level 6a & 7, 388 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Residex Timeline of Achievements

100% acquired by CoreLogic, the largest property data and analytics company in the world.

Commenced providing Rental Automated Valuation Models to the banking industry, a world first. 
100% acquired by Onthehouse Holdings (ASX: OTH)

A rating tool based on the research for identifying at risk suburbs was successfully developed for use by the financial community. 

Researching methods that identify suburbs that are most at risk of suffering price falls commenced.

Researching methods that predict rental returns on individual properties commenced. 

Suburb Predictions were introduced. Today, Residex remains the only company to release a set of scientifically developed predictive Suburb Reports that allow investors to successfully select the best predicted growth suburb opportunities.

A new mathematical capital growth measure index was developed and released, which is a combination of repeat sales and hedonic technology. This allows the most timely and accurate information and data to be delivered on housing markets.

Research commenced to identify methods of predicting scientifically the likely future of housing markets. In 1999 it released its research in the form of Postcode predictions.

Residex began loading historical residential sales data in N.S.W. and Victoria. The task was completed a year later and Residex now holds sample data back to 1865 in Victoria and 1901 in N.S.W. This data allows Residex to have a unique view of how our housing markets perform. 

The first valuation real estate radio program was delivered in Sydney and Brisbane, with the Sydney program running for more than 10 years.

The first Australian 'Automated Valuation Model' (AVM) was released.

Residex began providing sales information to agents and valuers.

The first robust housing index in Australia based on a repeat sales approach was released.

June 1990
Residex was formed to develop house price indices for the New South Wales State Government.

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