The key to successful property investing is to make sound decisions based on understanding of both the property and its market through thorough research. Residex provides you with all the information you need to make your investment decisions with confidence.

Flipping Report

A national analysis of properties bought and sold for profit

The Flipping Report provides a national analysis of properties that were bought and resold within a short time frame with the purpose of making a profit. The research measures properties that were flipped within one year of purchase, and within one to two years of purchase. It also tracks national trends in flipping over a 20 year period, from June 1997 to June 2017. Find out more

Top Performing Suburbs Report

Insights into Australia's top capital growth suburbs

The Top Performing Suburbs Reports identify areas that have shown median value growth over the past quarter and 12 months, and ranks their performance. Reports are available either nationally or by state/territory. Find out more

Top Rental Performers Report

Insights into Australia's top rental suburbs

The Top Rental Performers Report is ideal for investors looking for a positively geared property or properties that offer the best possible cash flow investment. It provides the top 50+ suburbs for investor returns and includes income and affordability data for each suburb.  Find out more

Postcode Explorer Report

Research a property before you buy

Find out which properties have sold in the last 12 months in a specified postcode and what they would be valued at right now. This report is ideal for those who want to develop a price range for a number of different properties within the same postcode… more

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report

How much is that property really worth?

A CMA is a vital tool for both buyers and sellers helping you understand more about an individual property and the market it is being sold in. The Residex CMA gives you insights into the different indicators that contribute to the value of a property … moret

Free Home Loan Calculator

Determine how much you can borrow and where you can afford to buy

Knowing how much you can afford borrow is the first step to buying property. We can help you assess how much you can borrow with our home loan calculator and we will then generate a short list of suburbs where median values match your affordability. 

Free Suburb Report

Information and statistics about your target suburb

Receive important statistics and insights into the suburb you are interested in with this free report. Simply type in the suburb or postcode into our report generator…more

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