Automated Valuation Model

Confidence comes from knowing your securities are valued correctly. Residex AVMs provide a value that is within 10% of the ultimate sale price in better than 90% of cases.

Each value has attached to it an expected error which allows the user to immediately know if the calculated value is acceptable for use.

The Residex AVM also gives an AVM for weekly rent. The rent AVM has been demonstrated to be more reliable than rental estimates provided by licensed valuers and is an invaluable tool when considering investment loans.

Residex also provides risk scores security and provides the lender with a rating between one and five, indicating the potential for the security to fall in value over the next 3 years.

Portfolio value determination

Residex identifies the value of a total portfolio of securities without harming or degrading the values that are determined at the time a professional valuer inspected the property.

The Residex approach provides portfolio values at various confidence bands specified by you. You will know where your marketing opportunities are, the suburbs that are exposed in terms of risk and be in a position to reduce your tier one capital requirements.

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