MarketFacts Investor Premium

MarketFacts Investor Premium provides all the tools you need to start researching your next investment property.

Residex understands that for in-depth research, you need to access many reports and sales records to make sure you buy the right property at the right time. MarketFacts Investor provides you with products that have previously only been available to professionals, and we've packaged up the most valuable tools to give you some great value.

You get $1,500 monthly value for just $125 per month
Reports available:
10 Comparative Market Analysis Reports (CMA Reports)
15 State, Local Government Area, Postcode or Suburb Reports
Search the sales register to find out what people are really paying in your target area
Search for properties that are on the market for sale or for rent
Search for auction results

Start your investment search by using the State Report to understand housing supply and demand, employment trends and how different segments of the market are performing.

Continue by using Postcode Reports to compare current yields and capital growth predictions for different areas to guide your search for a property class and location.

Refine your chosen region by comparing Suburb Reports, paying attention to differing median values between suburbs. Has one suburb increased, leaving its neighbour behind? Does this make the neighbouring suburb more appealing, with more potential or a higher yield?

Research individual property values with Residex CMA Reports. Reports contain several measures of value** such as indexed sale price, value based on square meterage of the land, median values in the area, street rating of the property and comparable sales.

Sample MarketFacts Investor Premium Reports:
Quarterly Economic Review Report
Local Government Area Report

Investor Premium Postcode Report
Investor Premium Suburb Report
Investor Premium CMA Report
Sales Register Search Image
Sales Register Search sample results

**Not all measures of value are available for every property.

Pricing is based on single-State access, with a minimum contract term of three months. Terms and conditions apply and can be accessed here.

Register for MarketFacts Investor Premium or contact us with any queries.

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